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• Noted historian Mary Bakeman has posted an article in MinnPost on the renovation of Fort Snelling and on Capitol Art. Her concern is that the interpretation being planned by the Minnesota Historical Society will not be balanced because of their choices of representation on the planning committee. Here is the link to the article. Your comments on the MinnPost website are welcomed.

Family and Friends of Dakota Uprising Victims became involved with honoring our ancestors by first dedicating a memorial for the Birch Coulie victims at the Renville County Historical Society on August 18, 2012. There were 175 people who attended that gathering. 

We are now a settler advocate group for our ancestors who settled not only  in Renville County but across the State of Minnesota. Our grass roots group now has nearly 150 descendants from across Minnesota and beyond, and our followers include not only descendants, but also historians and friends who have interest in the U.S.-Dakota War. 

Family and Friends does not treat the word “victims” lightly. In our case, it applies to any who were killed, injured, taken captive, had escaped, had lost property, those who fought and any who had their lives impacted during the U.S.-Dakota War and after. This website is intended to be a clearing-house for collecting and disseminating stories, photographs, and lists that are pertinent to the war and its aftermath and are submitted to us by the descendants of any victims.

Our volunteers provided research, funding and outreach for the three interpretive panels that are now dedicated on the grounds of the Renville County Historical Society. 

Our companion Facebook page (found by googling Family and Friends of Dakota Uprising Victims) is visited by over 450 people per week, and over 230 people have stated they “liked” its content. We continue to post new items of interest about the U.S.-Dakota War on the FB page and our website and welcome your comments, photographs and stories. 

Both of our books on Renville County have sold out but website visitors can now read them here. See the tabs above on the navigation pane. Plus we have also included the Tour Guide that was used for the historic motorcade tour on August 23, 2014. In it you will find brief histories of historic sites plus maps that show the location of the known homesteads of the settlers.

We would like to hear from you if you have suggestions or additions to our website. Our mantra remains: To give voice to those Dakota War victims by sharing their stories.

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