Descendants Stories of Dakota Uprising Victims M-Z

We invite you to comment and participate on this site by sharing your family's stories. Email me and they will be added on this page. If you are a descendant of anyone involved in the conflict, whether a victim, captive, escapee, soldier, or survivor, or are simply a friend who shares an interest, please email me, Jan Klein

Martell, Oliver and Mary Jane, submitted by Don Dawson, great-great grandson: Oliver Martell History.pdf

McConnell Family, submitted by Mary McConnell, great-great-granddaughter of Ellen Carson McConnell: McConnell Family and the Dakota War.pdf

Ochs, Adolph, poem submitted by Matt Boisen, great-great-nephew: Adolph Ochs Poem.pdf

Palmer, Alois Story, submitted by Shelda Warren and Lola Hogason, great-granddaughters of Alois Palmer: Alois Palmer Story.pdf

Palmer/Pelzl, submitted by Heidi Hoganson, great-great granddaughter of Alois Palmer and great-great-great granddaughter of Brigitta Pelzl. Brigitta and her husband were both killed in the Dakota Uprising: Palmer Pelzl Story.pdf

Patoile, Peter, submitted by Janice Patoile McDonald, great-grandaughter: PETER PATOILE ESCAPE in 1862 SIOUX UPRISING.pdf

Perreault, Pierre and Family, submitted by Colleen Hanson-Harvey, 4th great-granddaughter: Pierre Perreault Story.pdf

Peterson, Anna Stina Broberg, submitted by Carol Lundquist, wife of Jack who was the 3rd cousin, three times removed: AS Broberg The Story of the Massacre.pdf

Peterson, Anna Stina Broberg, submitted by Gregory Elmore, 2nd great-grandson: Anna Stina Broberg Statement.pdf

Peterson, Jonas (John), submitted by Gregory Elmore, great-great-grandson: Jonas (John) Peterson and the Dakota Indians.pdf

Reyff, Emanuel, submitted by Bob Reyff, great-great grandson of Eusebius Reyff, nephew of Emanuel, with a portion told by Minnie Buce Carrigan: THE STORY OF EMANUEL REYFF.pdf

Robidoux, Magloire and Madeline, submitted by Gordon Robideaux, 2nd great-grandson: Robidoux.pdf

Rose Family, submitted by Morris Gildemeister, great-grandson of Georg Fredrick Rose: Georg Fredrick Rose Story.pdf

Rose Family, submitted by Morris Gildemeister, great-grandson of Johanna Hahn Rose: The Johanna Hahn Rose Story.pdf

Schilling, Cecilia Ochs Memoir, submitted by Matt Boisen, great-great-nephew: Cecilia Ochs Schilling Memoir.pdf

Schmidt, Franz W.Franz W. Schmidt Story.pdf

Schwandt, Mary and William SchmidtMary Schwandt and William Schmidt.pdf

Schweer-Lammers-Rieke Stories, submitted by Dorothy Busch, great-granddaughter of Sophia Schweer and George Rieke, and great-grand niece of Anna Marie Rieke: Schweer/Lammers Story.pdf

Seder, Rev. Christian Lewis, and Rev. August Nierens, submitted by Richard Jacobson, Pastor, Oakwood United Methodist Church, New Ulm, MN: Seder Nierens Story.pdf

Shattuck, William Pitt I, submitted by great-granddaughter Nancy A. Shattuck: William Pitt Shattuck I.pdf

Thul, Anna Schmitz, submitted by Terry Sveine; Peter Schmitz, Anna Schmitz Thul’s uncle is Terry’s great-great-grandfather: Thul Story.pdf

Urban, Johann Jacob and Wilhelmine Pauline, submitted by Marba Sanders Pogue, 2nd great-granddaughter: Urban History.pdf

Vogtman, Catherine Buery (Mrs. John)Sioux Uprising Narrative by Catherine (Buery ) Vogtman.pdf

White, Nathan and Urania Frazer Family and Jehiel Wedge, submitted by Jan Klein: Nathan and Urania Frazer White Family and Jehiel Wedge.pdf

Witt Family, submitted by Mary Lou Erickson, great-great-granddaughter of Frederika Fick Witt: Carl Witt Family.pdf

Witt, Herman Carl, submitted by Brian Witt, 4th great-grandson and Claude Witt, 3rd great-grandsonH. Carl Witt.pdf

Zimmerman, John, submitted by Catherine Wetzel, great-great-granddaughter: Zimmermann Account.pdf

Family and Friends of Dakota Uprising Victims: