Escapees, Refugees, Captives and Victims Lists

One of the few photographs taken during the uprising, this poignant photo is of the Missionary Party of about 35 escaping from the Dakota on August 19. They were led by Stephen R. Riggs, who was a long-time missionary to the Dakota. The party was one of two large groups who escaped and made it to safety. Rigg's group was from an area 5-6 miles north of the Upper Sioux Agency called the Hazelwood Mission. (Hazelwood Republic was the name of a band of Christian Dakota organized by Riggs to promote their well-being.) Most of the party were missionaries and their families, and some were government employees from the sawmill near the Upper Sioux Agency.  

 The photograph was taken with a stereoscopic camera on August 21 by Adrian J. Ebell, a member of the party, and was published by Joel E. Whitney of St. Paul, who had provided supplies to Ebell. The photo depicts the escapees eating and resting after they had killed one of their cows. They were traveling in extremely hostile territory and were in perilous danger of being overtaken by a war party. When the party split up on August 25, some went on to Henderson and others to St. Peter. They had traveled over 100 miles and felt their survival was miraculous.  

 Curtis Dahlin in his book, "The Dakota Uprising - A Pictorial History," has identified the people in the photograph on pages 190-193 and gives more detail on the escape on pages 187-189.   

 Photo courtesy of Corinne L. Marz

List of Refugees at Fort Ridgely

Taken from a list in Marion Satterlee’s

“Outbreak and Massacre by the Dakota Indians in Minnesota in 1862”

(Used with the permission of Don Heinrich Tolzmann, Editor)

Anderson,  John, aged 49, home at West Newton.

Bell, Elizabeth, 38 yrs, home at Kasota, husband Chas. R., soldier, killed at Redwood Ferry battle.   Her children: Girls M.   C. 16. S. M. 14;   boy B. M. 12: girls M. E. 8, E. 6; boy C. R. 4; girl  M. F. 2 yrs.

Buehro, N, 33, home near fort, wife Anna 30,  children daughter W. 5, infant E. year old.

Buehro, A, 32, wife of John   killed in Birch Coule twp. H. Buehro, boy, 13 months old.

Betzel. v., aged 19, employed at Agency mess house.

Brunelle, Edward, 35, home at Redwood.

Buhrman, Baptiste 45 yrs. Lower Agency. Wife Susan aged 32 years.

Boelter, Michael. 31 yrs. Middle Creek.  Wife and three children killed.

Bjorkman, Petrus, 41 yrs, home St. Paul.

Brisbin, L. P., 47, home Lower Agency.   Elizabeth 37, Antoine 10, Louis 8 and Margaret 6 yrs.

Boelter, Julius, 6 months, son of John killed at Middle Creek home.

Comro, J., 37, home LaCroix Creek.   Wife May 32 yrs, son W. 6, dtr L. 3. F. an infant.

Chassie, John, 46. R. wife 42, home Beaver Creek.

Clausen, Mrs. Charles, 57, Birch Coulie, husband and son Frederick killed; son John, 28, with her.

Clock, C. 25, Agency mess house employee.

Kochendorfer, John, 11, sisters R. 9, K. 7, M. 5.

Krause, T. 32. Sacred Heart.   Family  prisoners.

Krieger, (Properly Lehn]. Gottlieb, 11, John 9, Sacred Heart.   Stepsons of Fredrick Krieger.

Klaron, Peter, 29, 3 miles below Agency.

Lettou, Ann, 42, wife of John killed at the Middle Creek home; sons F. 12, A. 10, August 5, W.  an  infant.

Lenz, Ernest, 45, Middle Creek, wife W. 42, dtr A 11 dtr L. 6, son H. 1 yr.

Lenz, T., 45, Middle Creek, wife F. 43 years.

Levant, A., 11 years, Beaver Creek.

LaFrambois, Wm.,13, 4 miles above Redwood. Justine 13, Eliza 7 years.

LaCroix, Louis, 55, LaCroix Creek, Rosette 25, Louis 12, L. 10, Spencer 8, Adrienne 7, Olivia infant.

Laffinmaker, 60, West Newton, Charles 40, Hannah 12, Laura 12.

McAllister, Juliette, 23, soldier husband Henry killed at Ferry battle, girls E. A. 6, L., 3 years.

McConnell, Ellen, 70, LaCroix Creek; Doren 40, and Joseph 25 years.

Magner, John, 35, 4 miles below Agency; wife Nancy 32, James 15, Ann 13, Thomas 12, David 9, Ellen 7. Catherine 4

Magner. Julia, 36, wife of Edward killed at home, four miles below Agency; Margaret 16, James 14, Ellen 9, Mary 5, Patrick 3, David 1 year.

Machansky, Mary, 28, near fort, M. 7, Joe 5, Anthony four months.

Martelle, Oliver, 43, Lower Agency; wife M. 24 yrs.

Mannweiler, C. 23, Middle Creek, wife  Gottlieb,  killed.

Meyer, John J., 35, Beaver Creek; wife and three children taken prisoners.

Nairn, John, 33, Agency, wife M. 34. dtr C. 10, son J. 6, dtr M. R. 3, son M. J. infant.

O'Thoy, Dennis, 27, 4 miles above West Newton.

Parsley, R. A., 22, soldier husband John, killed at the ferry battle.  M. E. an infant

Perry, Geo. 37, LaCroix Creek; wife Salley 34, dtrs C. 14, M. 12, Emily 4, Mary 3, Martha, infant; son George 6.

Peterson, Alex., 27, below Agency; wife Julia 22, son P. 3, dtr J. infant

Pereau, E., 33, LaCroix Creek, wife of Peter, killed at the home.  Dtrs  J. 12, M. 9, F. 5; sons 4. 10, Geo 8.

Piquar, Elizabeth, 22, LaCroix Creek, husband Eusebius, killed.  Sons Eusebius 6, C. 1 year.

Reynolds, J. H. 43, Redwood; wife Valencia J. 35 years

Robinson, John, 51, James 45, West Newton

Reyff, Emanuel 12, Mary 10, Middle Creek.

Robert, Louis, 51. Agency Trader.

Reed, George, 28, St. Paul.

Roseyuse, ------26, Yellow Med.; wife taken prisoner.

Sloan, Catherine, 20, Chatfield.

Schilling, E. 16, girl, Fort Ridgely.

Schmal, J. 45, Ft. Ridgely; wife R. 35, dtrs J. 7, M. 6, S. 4; sons A. 3, H. 18 months

Smith, Ellen, 38, moving to Birch Coulie, her husband Thomas killed; Millard 12, John 10. Mary E. 5.

Sier, B. 52, Faribault.

Samson, Anna, 34, moving, Ole husb’d killed; Sam inf’t

Smith, H. 38, wife S. N. 37, Agency, dtr N. C. 12

Stafford, Augustus, 42, West Newton.

Sene, Peter, 35, 8 miles above Redwood.

Sherou, Louis, 40, 4 miles above Redwood, wife Jane 41, dtr Winona 17, sons Frank 3, Louis 2 years.

Schlumberger, Christ., 26, 3 miles above fort.

Thompson, Jones, 57, Redwood.

Whipple, J. C., 39, Faribault.

West, Emily J., 52, Agency.

Witt, Carl 45, LaCroix Creek, wife killed, dtrs L. 9, M. 4, sons Wm. 14, C 7, A. 1 year

Yess, Michael, 45, wife C. 48 Sacred Heart Crk, August 14 years.   Henrietta 3 yrs taken prisoner.

Zimmermann, Mary 44, blind. Beaver Creek; dts M, 17 Elizabeth 14; Sam 7. John, husband, and sons John and Gottlieb killed at LaCroix Creek.

Prisoners Surrendered at Camp Release, Friday, September 26, 1862

Taken from a list in Marion Satterlee’s

“Outbreak and Massacre by the Dakota Indians in Minnesota in 1862”

(Used with the permission of Don Heinrich Tolzmann, Editor)

1    Adams, Mrs. Hattie (John), captured near Hutchinson.

2    Brown, Mrs. Angus, captured with the Joseph R. Brown family.

3    Busse, Wilhelmina, daughter of Gotttried, captured at Middle Creek, aged 12 years.

4    Busse, Amelia, sister to above aged 7 years.

5    Busse, August, brother aged 14 years.

6    Burns, Mrs. Sarah, captured at Lower Agency.

7       "       child of above.

8       "       same

9       "       same

10   Butler. M. A.  No information.

11    Buhrman, Tobet, aged 18 years, captured at Lower Agency—probably daughter of Baptiste.

12   Carrothers,  Mrs.   David, captured at Beaver Creek.

13   Infant of above.

14   Clausen, Martha, Mrs. Fredrick, Captured near Birch Coulie.

15   Infant daughter of above.

16    Same.

17   Cardenelle, Mrs. Margaret, captured at Birch Coulie.

18    Child of same.

19    Consalle, Nancy, 8 years old,  captured at Lower Agency

20    Consalle, Philomena, 4 years, sister to above.

21    Earle, Mrs. J. W. Earle, at Beaver Creek.

22       "       Julia, 13 years, daughter.

23       "       Elmira, 7 years, daughter.

24    Eisenreich. Mrs. Balthasar, at Beaver Creek.

25           "       Peter.

26           “       Sophie.

27           "       Mary.

28           "       Joseph.

29    Frass, Justina. wife of August, at Sacred Heart.

30       "       child.

31       "       child.

32    Gluth, August, 14 years. No information.

33    Huggins, Sophia J., wife of Amos W., captured at Lac qui Parle.

34    Huggins, Charles.

35       "       Lettie, infant.

36    Inefeldt, Minnie, wife of Wm., Beaver twp.

37           "       Infant.

38    Ingalls. Amanda, dtr J. H., aged 14, captured with Brown family.

39    Ingalls, Jennie, aged 12, sister.

40    Juni, Benedict, Jr., aged 14, La Croix Creek.

41    Kitzman, Louis, aged 14, son of Paul, captured at Sacred Heart.

42    Krieger, Henrietta, aged 3, daughter of Fredrick, captured at Sacred Heart.

43    Koch, Mrs. Augusta, wife of Andrew, captured at Lake Shetek.

44    Krause, Dorothea, wife of T., at Sacred Heart.

45       "       child.

46       "       child.

47        "       Pauline, sister of T. Krause.

48    Laramie, Mrs. Mary, captured at Sacred Heart.

49       "       Louisa, 18 years.

50        "       Edward, 15 years.

51    Lammers, Mrs. Sophia, wife of William, captured at Sacred Heart.

52    Lammers, Fred, 7 years.

53       "       Charles, an infant.

54    Lenz, Aufrusta,  daughter of Ernest,  captured at Middle Creek.

55    Launt, Mrs. Susie, captured at Lower Agency.

56       "       child of above.

57    LaBlaugh, Mrs. Antoine, at Lower Agency.

58        “      child.

59        "      child.

60    Lange, Mrs. Amelia, probably Middle Creek.

61        "       Child.

62       "        Child.

63    LaBelle, Louis, near Upper Agency.

64    McLane, Mrs. Rosalie, at Upper Agency.

65       "       child.

66        "      child.

67    Nichols, Henrietta, aged 12.   No information.

68    Patterson, Mrs. Mary, near Madelia.

69        "       Antoine.

70        "        Peter.

71    Piquar, Elizabeth, young daughter of Eusebius, at Birch Coulie,

72    Record, Elizabeth, 3 years, niece Mrs. Cardenelle.

73    Roseyuse, Mrs., at Upper Agency.

74    Renville, Mrs. J., wife of a mixed-blood.

75    Rousseau, Peter, Upper Agency.

76    Rouilliard, Peter, Upper Agency,

77    Schmidt, Minnie, 4 years,  at Middle Creek.   Died at Fort Ridgely in a few days.

78    Schwandt, Mary E., near Fort Ridgely with the Patoille party.   Home Middle Creek.

79    Spencer, George, at Lower Agency.

80    Thompson, George, 18 years, Lower Agency.

81    Urban, Mrs. John, at Sacred Heart.

82       "       Ernestine.

83       "       Rose

84        "       Louise.

85       "        Albert.

86    Valiant, Mrs. Harriet, at Lower Agency.

87       "       child.

88       “       child.

89    Vanasse, Mrs. Matilda, near Fort Ridgely.

90        "       child.

91        “       child.

92    Williams, Miss Mattie, with Patoille party.

93    Woodbury, Mrs. Mary, at Lower Agency.

94        “      child.

95        “      child.

96        “      child.

97        "      child.

98     Wright, John, 3 years old, at Lake Shetek.

99     Wakefield,  Mrs.  Sarah, wife of Dr. J. B., Upper Agency physician, captured near Redwood river.

100   Wakefield, James, 6 years old.

101        “       Nellie, infant.

102    White, Urania S., wife of N. D., Beaver Creek.

103       "       Julia, aged 14 years.

104       "       Frank, infant.

105    Wohler, Frances, wife of Leopold, Brown family.

106    Wilson, Eunice, 18 years. Lower Agency.

107    Yess, Henrietta, 3 years, daughter of  Michael, at Sacred Heart Creek.

In addition to the above there were 162 mixed-bloods whom the hostiles claimed as captives. Tonwan-ite-ton (Face of the village), baptized as Lorenzo Lawrence, secretly took from the camp Mrs. J. W. DeCamp and her two children and took them to Fort, by canoe. On the way he picked up Mrs. Magloire Robideaux, and five children, mixed-bloods who escaped from the hostile camp. Anawang-mani(Hobbles along), baptized as Simon, took a Mrs. Neuman and her three children to the fort from the hostile camp, in his cart. Mrs. Wm. L. Quinn, and her children Ellen, William and Thomas, her mother Mrs. Elizabeth Jeffries, Mrs. Philander Prescott and daughter Julia, all mixed-bloods, escaped during the Wood Lake battle and got to the fort safely.

Please note that providing a comprehensive list is impossible to do. These lists represent the most complete listing available at that time. Satterlee took his List of Refugees at Fort Ridgely from the Report of the Adjutant General and corrected names, especially as to spelling and location. He goes on to say, “Why other persons known to have been present, are not named, we cannot understand.” 



 (For 77 Enlisted soldier victims see State records.)

 Taken from a list in Marion Satterlee’s

“Outbreak and Massacre by the Dakota Indians in Minnesota in 1862”

 (Used with the permission of Don Heinrich Tolzmann, Editor)


Austin, Andrew               

Anderson, Mary            

Adams, infant               

Armstrong, John           

Apfelbaum brothers     

Axe, Johannes               

Backlund. Sven H.       

Baker, Howard              

Battins, Charles            

Bennett, James              

Belland, Joseph             


Boelter, Gottlieb, fam.   

Boelter, John, family    

Boelter, Michael, fam. 

Bosche, Henry               

Busse, Gottfried fam.   

Bluem, family               

Broberg, Dan'l, family 

Broberg, Ander, family

Broberg, Johannes        

Brown, family               

Brook, Thomas              

Buehro, John                 

Blair, Charles                

Carrothers. children      

Carroll, Wm. B.            

Carlson, Carl J.            

Cant, A. S.                      

Constans, Louis            

Clausen, Frederick        

Clausen, Charles           

Cross, Daniel                      

Davis, Thos. J.       

Davies, LeGrande 

Deck, Phillip         

DeCamp, J. W.      

Dickinson, Lathrop              

    “          J. C.        

Divoll, Geo. W.     

Diederich, A.        

Drexler, Benedict 

Duley, Wm. children           

Dubuque, Alexis  

Dustin, family       

Eastlick, family     

Earle, Radnor       

Ellingson, Gabriel

Edwards, James   

Eisenreich, Balthasar          

Endreson, Lars     

Endreson, Endre  

Evans, —              

Everett, Wm. family            

Foot, Silas             

Fehrenbach, Martin            

Frass, John           

      "   August family


Fohre, Ole            

Fink, family           

Fenske, Julius       

Gleason, Geo. H.  

Gluth, John          

Gerboth, Frederick       

Gilligan, and party       

Guilbault, Peter            

Grundman, Emiel fam.

Garvie, Stewart B.        

Hayden, John                

"       Patrick             

Hauf, family              

Henderson, family

Humphrey, Dr. family

Haag, Max                    

Hartmann, Florian       

Henle family                  

Howard, Mrs. Ruth

Heuyers, family        

Heydrick, family           

Hunter, Alexander       

Howe, Linus                  

Hurd, Phineas B.          

Haugan, Olof, family

Huggins, Amos W.       

Horning, Aug. family  

Inefeldt, William         

Iverson, Johannes         

Ireland, Thos. family   

Ingalls. Jedidiah           

Jones, William      

Jones, R. and wife

Jewett Families    

Jones, John S.       

Jackson, Philetus  

Jornevik, Lars and wfe        

Jonason, Carl P.   

Keck, Jacob           

Koch, Andrew       

Kelly, Patrick                  

Kaertner, Henry              

Kochendorfer, family       

Kitzman, Paul family      

Krieger, Fred, and son    

Lammers, William         

Lamb, John                      

LaBathe, Francois           

Lettou, John                      

Lynd, James W.                

Lorentson, Andreas         

Lundborg, family              

Langeland, family            

LeBlaugh, Antoine          

Lamb, George                   

Lemon, DeWitt                

     "       Almond              

Loomis, Uriah                   

Laundre, -----                    

Loth, George                    

Lauer, Charles                  

Lindsay, James W.         

McConnell, David            

McClellan, Patrick          

McGannon, James A.      

Mayo, H. H.                     

Manderfield, Henry          

     “         Hillias

Mack,Chas. C.                  

Massipost family              

Mauerle, Jacob                  

Mannweiler, Gottlieb       

Martelle. Peter                  

Magner, Edward               

Mey, Sebastian family     

Merkle, Martin     

Messmer Family

Meyer, John J., family    

Millier, Hubert   

Midstadt, Knut and wf    

Mohr, Jonas       

Myrick, And. J.                  

Nelson, Mrs. Chas.          

Nierenz, August

Olson, Nels        

Olson, Nels                       

   “     , Ole           

   “     ,Tork                         

Pauly, Emilie

Pelzl, Jos. and wife

Patterson, and child

Peterson, -------

Palmer, Gilbert

   “        , Ole

Patoille, Francois

Page, Joseph

Patnode, ---------

Peshette, Frank

Prescott, Philander

Pereau, Peter

Piquar, Eusebius

Ryder, -------

Root, Noble G.

Reyff, Eusebius family

Roessler, Frederick

Roessler, John family

Roland, Christian

Rohner, John

Riant, Thos. (or Ryan)

Russel, Edward

Ryan (or Scott)

Rieke, Heinrich

Ruchenelll, Augustus

Roesser, Geo. Family

Sonnenburg, William

Smith, Felix

Smith, Thomas

Samson, Ole and child

Sieg, John, family

Schulz, William

Siegel, William

Snell, Chas. W.

Steele, Edward D.

Schmidt, Wm. Family

Schwandt, Johann fam.

Seder, Rev. Christian

Schilling, A. and dtr

Stocker, Mrs. Joseph

Steinle, Adolph

Schneider, John

Schwarz family

Slaabaken, Mikel O.

Spaude, family

Sanborn, Caleb

Smith, Mrs. H.W.

Thilling and wife

Tollerson, Berger

Taylor, William

Thiele, Louis, family

Tomson, Jan

Tuttle, William

Tyler, Charles

Tille, family

Undermach, Uris

Van Eaton, James B.

Voigt, John

Vanosse, Onesime

Wagner, -------

Wagner, A.H.

Wilson, Clara D.

Webster, Viranus

White, Sam’l family

Witt, Mrs. Carl

Wedge, Jehiel

White, Eugene

Whiton, Elijah

Walz, John and wife

Wensinger, John

Wright, Edward M.

Young, Antoine

York, Frank

Zable, Gottlieb

Zeller family

Zettel, family

Zimmermann, family

Zitloff, families

Richardson, Eliphalet

Omitted by error:  Robt. Jones, of Cambria; Therese Eggenhofer of Milford; Christian Richter of Courtland; Joseph Brosseau at Lower Agency; Andrew Bahlke of Birch Coulie. 

Compiling a list of those killed is difficult. Thomas Galbraith, an Indian Agent, compiled a list of 737 names but said there were many other names he could not establish for sure. Satterlee’s list some fifty years later listed 413 names and was incomplete as county histories published additional names, and Lincoln’s estimate was 800 which some think was conservative. We expect that historians will come up with a new number during this commemoration year, but we may never know the exact number of those killed.

Carrie Reber Zeman has compiled a new list of Camp Release Captives and Fort Ridgely Regugees. They are found on the website of her new book, A Thrilling Narrative of Indian Captivity: Dispatches from the Dakota War of 1862” at this url:   

Here are the specific chapters:

•Dakota War Captives, Enumerated at Camp Release September 26, 1862:                                                                                 

•Ridgely Refugees List:

Benedict Juni, Jr.: The story of heroic young Benedict, taken hostage at age 14, is told on this site: and also at the findagrave memorial created by Cindy Coffin at: He was the son of Benedict and Mary Juni who lived in the Beaver Falls Township. 

This  is a photo that Bill Cox took on August 18, 2010. Not very many know of this place, located on private property. This is the old roadbed that ascended Faribault Hill. The road from Ft. Ridgely to the Lower Agency ran along the top of the river bluff for eight or nine miles, then descended into the Minnesota River Valley at this point. The view of the photo looks up the hill. Magner's cabin was at the top of the hill, and David Faribault's cabin was at the bottom. Several from the agency (Humphrey, Hinman, West, Dickinson, etc.) and the settlements (Zimmerman, Juni, Hayden, et. al.) were fleeing up the hill, and Captain Marsh's command traveled down the hill.  Nearby is the ravine where John A. Humphrey hid while his family was murdered.

Family and Friends of Dakota Uprising Victims: