Victims Who Perished

This list was prepared by historian Curtis Dahlin, who adds new names when found. We may never know the exact number of those killed.

The columns to the left are surnames and first names of those who perished. Click on this PDF to see the entire document: Uprising killed 2014 Data.pdf

Below is the information you will find in the spreadsheet:

  • Column A: Surname
  • Column B: First name
  • Column C: Date mortally wounded (Column D if died at a later date)
  • Column D: Date killed or died from wounds
  • Column E: County or area where killed
  • Column F: Township, location or battle where killed  LSA: (Lower Sioux Agency; Battle B: Battle of Birch Coulee)
  • Column G: Where died
  • Column H: Location where buried
  • Column I: Civilian or military
  • Column J: Cemetery or location where buried: NU City: New Ulm City Cemetery; Oakland SP: Oakland Cemetery, St. Paul; Oakland H: Oakland Cemetery, Hutchinson                  
  • Column K: Burial Marked or Unmarked
  • Column L: Age
  • Column M: Gender
  • Column N: Nationality

This list includes those killed at the Battle of Whitestone Hill, who were soldiers from the 2nd Nebraska and 6th Iowa Cavalry. These names are not included in the total cited, which is 650. 

This is a list of those who perished during the Dakota Uprising. Compiling a list like this is difficult. Thomas Galbraith, an Indian Agent, compiled a list of 737 names but said there were many other names he could not establish for sure. Satterlee’s list some fifty years later listed 413 names and was incomplete as county histories published additional names. Lincoln’s estimate was 800 which some think was conservative.

Family and Friends of Dakota Uprising Victims: