LeSueur Tigers

This roster of the Le Sueur Tigers was taken from Minnesota in the Civil and Indian Wars  1861 – 1865, The Board of Commissioners, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1890, Volume 2, pages 767-768 and 770. It has been modified and augmented after a review by Jean Haas, Le Sueur Museum Historian, and submitted by Curtis Dahlin. The historical marker for the Le Sueur Tigers dedication will be in a Le Sueur City Park, Louise Park, located adjacent to the Mayo House on Main Street on Sunday, August 19, 2012 at 2 PM. There were nearly 150 men who enlisted in the Le Sueur Tigers and went to the assistance of New Ulm. Six were killed there in the August 23, 1862 battle.

Le Sueur Tigers # 1

William Dellaughter, commander

Isaac Allen

Ezra Bacon

Alfred W. Bangs

Henry Bridenthall

Benjamin Birdsall

Jesse Birdsall

Perry Burch

N. S. Burgers

L. G. Butman

Ferdinand Butteauz

S. B. Carpenter

Warren Case

Judson Cogswell

Norman Coggswell

George Cook

Benjamin Cosly

Niles Cottingham

Henry Cramour

O. M. Crary

Benjamin Crosby

Charles A. Dane

Edwin A.or R. Davis

E. M. Davis

Henry Davis

George W. Davis

T. Diescher

August L. Doescher

William Dunnin

A. M. (Monro) Edwards

Charles W. Farrar

B. F. Fischer

Edward Foland

James Foland

Jacob Frank

George Freeman

A. J. Gazelle

D. Gershaw

Sebastian Groshaus

Christian Hannie

S. Hanrahan

James Harris

John Heinker

M. S. Heminway

Benjamin Herslay

Nicholas Heschelrath

Herman Hinze

S. L. Hodges

C. A. Hughes

George Hunt

Jacob Husbig

John Ilett, Jr.

John Ilett, Sr.

Charles Kligel

John L. Leiber

Anthony Leone

William Luskey

Thomas H. Mc kee

Clark Merrill

John Miles

Pharaoh Miles

Samuel Miles

Hollman Morrill

H. Muron

Cyrus G. Myrick

C. P. Nason

Joseph Oehler

William Patten

J. C. Paul

Alphonse K. or R. Peck

Alexander Pettes

Charles N. Pinney

Henry Plowman

Thomas M. Rany

Orrin Redfield

Charles Scheffler

Joseph Sherwood

Nicholas Shamle

Edson R. Smith

George R. Smith

John Smith

John R. Smith

Luke Smithson

A. Stowbeck

_____ Stowbeck

John Tappe

John Thurston

George M. Tousley

Ross Tousley

William R. Travis

William Watermann

William Weyl

J. N. Williams

Jacob Zimmermann

Le Sueur Tigers # 2


Edwin C. Saunders, commander

Matthew Ahern

William Andrews

Christopher Bergen

D. Burns

John Coffee

Lemuel Crosby

James Doherty

Samuel Doherty

Thomas Fowler

Austin Gordon

Phillip Harrisberger

Thomas Hazzard

William (or Wilbur F.?) H. Hazzard

Seth Herrick

M. Hetherstone

Andrew Horrisberger

Mathew M. Hynson

David Imhoff

Evan T. Jones

Henry Kinsey

J. Iten R. Kleak

Washington Kulp

George Lamm

C. Lienhart

F. W. Lindemann

Lewis Magedanz

William Maloney

James Mc Kee

Hiram W. Mendenhall

William Murray

John Noys

C. A. Paul

John A. Pfarr

A. Pfeiffer

George Plowman

Henry Reagan

Joseph Reed

Cornelius Roman

A. J. Saunders

Wilhelm Schnell

Charles Smith

Oliver B. Smith

Peter Stauff

George W. Stewart

Herman Sundermann

James B. Swan

Andrew Thomas

Samuel Wilson

James A. Wise

Samuel J. Wise

Above two documents from the Junior Pioneers of New Ulm and Vicinity 

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