Descendants Stories of Dakota Uprising Victims A-L

We invite you to comment and participate on this site by sharing your family's stories. If you are a descendant of anyone involved in the conflict, whether a victim, captive, escapee, soldier, or survivor, or are simply a friend who shares an interest, email me, Jan Klein

Alvig, Anna Endreson, daughter of Guri Rosseland Endreson, submitted by James and Kathy Alvig, great-grandson: Anna Endreson Alvig.pdf

Bahlke, Andreas (Andrew) and Maria Frohrip Families, submitted by Kathy Brown,  great-great-great-grand-niece of Andrea, great-great-great-granddaughter of Maria Frohrip, and great-great-granddaughter of John Frohrip: Bahlke, Frohrip Family.pdf

Boelter, John and Justina Wendland: Justina Wendland and John Boelter.pdf

Brockman, Lewis, written and submitted by Curtis Dahlin on behalf of his grandchildren, Ellie and Andrew Phillips, 4th great-grandchildren of Lewis Brockman: Lewis Brockman.pdf

Broberg, Peter, great-grandson and 1st cousin, three times removed of Peter Broberg: Broberg, Peter Biography 1926.pdf

Broberg/Bengtson Family, submitted by John Bengtson: Broberg/Bengtson Family.pdf

Brown, Joseph R., submitted by descendant Lauren Hargrave: Joseph & Mary Brown Story.pdf

Buery, Catherine (Mrs. John Vogtman), submitted by Glenn R. Vogtman, great-grandson: Sioux Uprising Narrative by Catherine (Buery )Vogtman.pdf

Buery, George, Biographical Sketch, submitted by Glenn R. Vogtman, great-great-grandson of George Buery: George Buery Biographical Sketch.pdf

Buery, George, Early Pioneers, written by Ruth Lillian (Buery) Harsen, granddaughter of George Buery, and published in book, Reflections Yesterday and Today, Morton Centennial 1884-1984, Morton Centennial Committee, 1983, submitted by Glenn R. Vogtman: Buery, George EARLY PIONEERS.pdf

Cardinal, Clement, and Marguerita Perrault Cardinal, written by Rodney A. Cardinal, 2nd great-grandson, submitted by Jenna Taverna, 3rd great-granddaughter of Clement and Marguerita: Clement Cardinal and Marguerita Perrault Cardinal.pdf

Carlson, Pehr and Chastie (Kirsten), submitted by  Gretchen Farwell, 2nd great-granddaughter: Sioux Indian Uprising in Minnesota, by C.C. Nelson.pdf

Carrothers, Helen, Personal narrative of Mrs. Helen Carrothers, in her own words: Helen Carrothers Story.pdf

Carrothers, James and Helen Mar, story submitted by Bill Cox from his Findagrave Memorial:Helen Mar Paddock Carrothers.pdf

Carrothers, David and Elizabeth, submitted by Jan Klein: David and Elizabeth Carrothers Family, John, William and Infant.pdf

Clasen, Johan Heinrich, Friedrich and Johan, submitted by Jan Clasen Klein, great-great-granddaughter of Johan Heinrich and great-grand-niece of Friedrich and Johan: The Clasen Family.pdf

Clasen, Henry and Carolina, submitted by Jay Clasen, 3rd great-grandson of Henry and Caroline Clasen. A fictional short story that give the flavor of what life was back in 1862 during the uprising: Clasen Short Story.pdfa poem written in memory of his ancestors: Clasen Poem.pdf

Clasen, Henry, a story told by the grandson of Charles Clasen, submitted by Jan Clasen Klein, great-great-granddaughter of Charles ClasenHenry Clasen letter re-uprising.pdf

Earle, Amanda and JonathanAmanda and Jonathan Earle Family.pdf

Eisenrich/Eisenreich Family, submitted by Brian Eisenrich, great-great grandson of Bathalsar: Balthasar Eisenrich (Eisenreich) Family.pdf

Frohrip-Bahlke Family, submitted by Kathy Brown, second great-grand niece: Bahlke-Frohrip Familes.pdf

Gardner, Patrick Samuel, submitted by Leroy Gardner, great-grandson: Patrick Samuel Gardner.pdf

Gideon, George, submitted by Mark R. Gideon, first cousin, four times removed: George Gideon.pdf

Hayden, John, Patrick and Mary Hayden, submitted by Jan Klein: John, Patrick & Mary Hayden Story.pdf

Hayden, Mary, from The History of Renville County: Mrs. Hayden's Escape: Mary Hayden Story.pdf

Henderson, Stephen and Clarissa, submitted by Jan Klein: Stephen and Clarissa Henderson Family.pdf

 Heuer (Heuyers, Heyers) Family, submitted by Jan Klein, second great-grand-niece of Carl and Johanna Wolf Heuer: Heuer Family.pdf

Horan, Kearn, from The History of Renville County: Horan’s TaleKearn Horan Story.pdf

Ienenfeldt, Wilhelmina, submitted by Stan and Carol Shubert, great-great-grandson: Wilhelmina Ienenfeldt Story.pdf

Ingalls, George Washington, submitted by Rochelle Sjolseth, his great-granddaughter: George Washington Ingalls.pdf

Juni, Benedict and Mary, submitted by Jan Klein: Benedict and Mary Juni Family.pdf

Kietzmann, Krueger, and Meyer Stories, submitted by Sheri Kennedy, great-great Granddaughter: Kietzman, Krueger, Meyers Stories.pdf

Kochendorfer, John and Catherine Family, great-great-grandparents of Judy Lindstrom, created by Bill Cox and Curtis Dahlin: Kochendorfer Stories.pdf

Kochendorfer, John, from The History of Renville CountyJohn Kochendorfer, Jr. Story.pdf

Kochendorfer, Rose, submitted by Bob Keller, great-great grandson of John and Catherine Kochendorfer and great-grandson of Rose Kochendorfer Keller, written August 19, 2010: Rose’s Great Escape.pdfIt also appears on his blog:

Kochendorfer, Rose and John Story, from an article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, August 1926, submitted by Joyce Keller, great-granddaughter of Rose Kochendorfer: St. Paul Pioneer Press Article Kochendorfer.pdf

 Krause Family, submitted by Lynette Buchanan, great-granddaughter of Pauline Wallner, and Gayle Coyer, great-great niece of Pauline Wallner:

Krieger (Kreuger), Justina and Frederick: Story found at this link:

Kumro, John and Maria Obituaries, submitted by Jan Klein: John Kumro Obituary.pdf and Maria Kumro Obituary.pdf

Kumro, William, submitted by Glenn Vogtman, great-great-grandson of George Buery and his first wife, Marguerite Schirm, and great-grandson of John and Catherine Vogtman: Kumro, William.pdf

Lorin, Inga Carlson, submitted by Gretchen Farwell, great-granddaughter: Inga Carlson Lorin Story.pdf

Luce, Theolon and Genevieve Perreault, submitted by Chris Knott: Theolon and Genevieve Luce Story.pdf

Lundborg Paulson, Johanna, submitted by Joan Paulson Wilcox, great-granddaughter: Johanna Lundborg Obituary.pdf and a copy of the obituary at: Johanna Lundborg.pdf

Lundborg, Maja Lena Johannesdotter, submitted by Carol Lundquist, wife of Jack, 2nd great-grandson of Lena: Lena Lundborg Story.pdf. The translation of the affidavit is found under the Tab Victim’s Claims.

Family and Friends of Dakota Uprising Victims: